30 May 2022

The team received fifth position, which goes with a trophy, out of the 16 teams that qualified for the 2021 National Competition.They also received a cash prize of R132 000 for their community development projects: Hatching Hope and Re-fuel. In addition to the cash prize and medals, the team of 10 UMP students was announced as ENACTUS Brand Ambassadors.

The UMP ENACTUS team received high accolades for Re-fuel, their recycling project which is aimed at converting plastic waste into fuel (both diesel and petrol) through a process known as pyrolysis. Project Hatching Hope is a multi-phased project, which last year focused on broiler production using an incubator for hatching.

Congratulating the team, Vice-Chancellor Professor Thoko Mayekiso said whenever a UMP member does well, the university at large benefits and the UMP brand gets enhanced.

“This is a heart-warming moment. UMP ENACTUS, you continue to make us very proud. Six trophies is a remarkable achievement. You have set the bar very high for those from UMP who will follow in your footsteps. What makes your success even sweeter, is the fact that is has been sustained. You are serving as inspiration to all of us, to create pools of excellence, even in instances where we find ourselves surrounded by seas of mediocrity," she said.

“The trap of mediocrity abounds. There are too many people in the sea of mediocrity. To get away from the crowd, therefore, individuals who excel have to continuously create a pool of excellence around themselves. They need to be the kind of people who are always willing to walk or run the extra mile.”

Never stop dreaming

Professor Mayekiso further continued that through their hard work, dedication, and passion, the ENACTUS team's confidence has been given a boost, and that they need to safeguard and protect it. "As you continue to succeed, keep your feet on the ground and remain humble," she said.

“As I was reflecting on my congratulatory message, I thought I would share some thoughts from the book of Pat Mesiti: Dreamers Never Sleep. The telling point made is that people who are called dreamers, are the ones who do not sleep. They are the people who follow their dreams relentlessly, and want to see them come to fruition.

“Dreams are important, because they allow us to embark on a serious journey to pursue those dreams. Without a dream, we may struggle to see potential in ourselves because we don’t look beyond our current circumstances. But with a dream, we begin to see ourselves in a new light, as having greater potential and being capable of stretching and growing to reach it.

The people who succeed are the ones who have realised that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain. Really not waiting for the situation to be ideal, but rather – toiling, tilling and tenaciously pursuing their goals. Continue working hard, having a vision, and never stop dreaming and working hard towards achieving those dreams,” she said.

UMPVice-Chancellor awarding the ENACTUS team members.

Making a difference

UMP ENACTUS coordinator, Dr Fedirnand Niyimbanira, noted that when UMP is supporting the team, it is providing a platform for students to give back to the community and make a difference.

“For one to change the world one has to be brave enough to care, that means ENACTUS members are learning how to be good and responsible students and that’s the purpose of any organisation of the university.”

He also mentioned that as the university grows in terms of student numbers, the ENACTUS team is also growing in many ways.

“I was alone when we started but now we are four, its not the number of students that are only growing also the academics joining the team is growing,” he said, mentioning that 2021 was not an easy year for the team.

Last year was tough because the national competition was held virtually for another consecutive year. We coordinated while students were still at home, but as Prof Mayekiso so keenly observed, our team is full of enthusiasm and energy. They are dedicated, and that is what ENACTUS is all about,” he said.

UMPUMP ENACTUS coordinator, Dr Ferdinand Niyimbanira.

The ENACTUS team was under the leadership of Moses Timana, an MSc student who has participated in all activities. Timana won the 2021 Evan Poulos Award for Leadership Excellence, which is in recognition of excellence in leadership across all the active teams in the 21 South African Universities.

UMP ENACTUS team received the following prizes:

1. Ford C3 cycle 8, which is an ENACTUS special competition aimed at building sustainable communities.
2. ENACTUS UMP cycle 8 finalists of which each received $ 5 000 through the Hatching Hope project.
3. Harmony LED first place, the award came with R27 000.
4. Harmony Thematic Award (2nd place) focusing on Entrepreneurial Leadership and Business Solutions for Community Development. The team received R 1 000.
5. NEDBANK Thematic Award (2nd place) focusing on the triple bottom lines of sustainability.
They received R 1 000.
6. The FORD C3 cycle 7 award came with $ 5 000.


@ Story Lisa Thabethe. Pictures Supplied.